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snapattack for public sector

Level up your teams. Power up your tools.

use case government
public sector

Remove barriers to sharing information across tools, teams, and organizations.

Agencies in the public sector turn to SnapAttack when…

They want to level up their security teams .

They want to remove barriers to threat information sharing.

They need to improve hunt and detection capabilities across teams and tools.

They need visibility and hunting capabilities across complex, decentralized environments.

"SnapAttack has allowed me to work with students, see what they’re building, and leave comments on the intel and detections. It’s an excellent training tool."

CTI Analyst | Booz Allen Hamilton
crystal morin
reason 1

Level up your security teams.

Because in the cyber war, SnapAttack gives your teams everything they need to be battle-ready.

Train junior analysts on-the-job with replays and telemetry data from real attacks in both attacker and victim perspectives
1000s of ready-to-use, validated detections
Validate your detections in our attack capture lab before deploying into your environment

“It’s like a Swiss Army knife.”

Threat Hunter | Booz Allen Hamilton
robert russell
reason 2

Remove barriers to information sharing.

Because when it comes to emerging threats, enabling the translation and dissemination of information across decentralized environments is mission-critical.

Portable across security tools + data models
Help red and blue teams collaborate by creating their own attack threats and learning from public and private shared information
End-to-end workflow adds velocity and scale to hunt programs by maximizing output of CTI, offensive and defensive techniques

"Unparalleled ease of use, enabling operators to work quickly."

Deputy Federal Lead, Cyber Security Operations & TMIR | NIH Information Security Program
andrew danis
reason 3

Improve detection and remediation capabilities across teams and tools.

Because the speed of an incident response or novel threat discovery can make all the difference if and when crisis strikes.

Leverage SnapScore to evaluate detection accuracy, limit false positives, and understand confidence
Improve awareness of existing threat coverage by viewing matching logs for a detection to correlate attack threats and detections
Fine-tune detections to make them more robust to attack variance, and reduce false positives

“It’s helped me tremendously in growing and understanding my career and role.”

CTI Analyst | Booz Allen Hamilton
crystal morin
reason 4

Enhance visibility across complex, decentralized environments.

Because breaking the attack chain earlier requires real insight into where your vulnerabilities really lie.

Easily validate coverage against newly added attack threats and emergent threats
Identify gaps in coverage for any given attack using the MITRE ATT&CK® coverage matrix
Watch your security posture score improve as you fill gaps in the MITRE ATT&CK® coverage matrix with high-confidence detections
white paper

Operational Purple Teaming in the Public Sector

why snapattack

Mature, repeatable hunting.
Continuous validation.

save time​

24 hrs

new threats added within 24 hours

stay ahead of the next threat​

75 to 20

threat intel curation – before: 75 hours per week / after: 20 hours per week

level up your team​


jump in detection development
Accelerate Scale

Get the most from the team you already have by equipping them with a tool that trains them while they’re on the job.

Drive Collaboration

Streamline communication, collaboration, and integration across tool sets and geographies.

Enhance Confidence

Continuously validate your detection coverage and stay ahead of the threat.

partners + integrations

No matter where your security data is, we’ve got you covered.


Power to the Purple.