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SnapAttack Operational Purple Teaming in the Public Sector
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Operational Purple Teaming in the Public Sector

Mobilizing a Threat-Informed Defense

What’s in this White Paper?

Infrastructure disruption, nation-state threat actors, and rapidly evolving ransomware gang activity have brought cybersecurity to the forefront of the public sector’s most dire concerns – so why do so many agencies still fall short when it comes to enhancing their defensive posture?

At SnapAttack, we’re empowering federal agencies to fortify their infrastructure through threat-informed defense, operational purple teaming, and continuous investment in modern technology and tactics in our platform.

Check out our white paper, “Operational Purple Teaming in the Public Sector: Mobilizing a Threat-Informed Defense” now to learn more about the future of cybersecurity in the public sector and how we’re equipping government agencies against advancing threat actors.

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