Threat-informed cyber operations. Powered by purple.

Remove barriers to efficient, effective, and integrated threat detection with the world’s first purple teaming platform. Whether you’re an analyst or a CISO, a red teamer or a blue teamer, SnapAttack unlocks the potential of your security operations.


4-5x jump

improved collaboration

75% reduction

enhanced confidence

91% reduction

SnapAttack is the first purple teaming platform that helps you understand the art of an attack, then teaches you the science of defending against it.

the art

01. research

Attack Signal Library

Detection Repo

02. write

Adversary Emulation

No-Code Detection Engineering​

the science

03. validate

Attack Capture Lab

MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Mapping

04. deploy

Breach Attack Simulation

Universal Detection Translator

snapattack man walking
SnapAttack has been a key tool for establishing and maturing threat hunting processes.
“SnapAttack has been a key tool for establishing and maturing Threat Hunt and Purple Teaming processes in our organization. The platform provides unparalleled ease of use in a single web interface, enabling operators to work quickly, without the headaches that come with custom/in-house solutions."

Andrew Danis
Deputy Federal Lead, Cyber Security Operations & Threat Mitigation & Incident
Response (TMIR)

National Institutes of Health

SnapAttack takes complex questions
and turns them into
simple answers.


Just because computers think in 0’s and 1’s, doesn’t mean that your teams need to.

With SnapAttack, your red team doesn’t need to lose in order for your blue team to win. Your analysts don’t need to increase alert fatigue just so you can increase your coverage. New threats require new thinking. And with SnapAttack, cybersecurity doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game.

More coverage, less work
Easy to use, easy to scale
False positive reduction, true positive validation
Get more from your team, get more from your tools
Measure security, manage prioritization
Works at any level of maturity – even if you don’t have a red or blue team
why snapattack

Remove barriers.
Equip your teams.
Stay ahead of the threat.

Accelerate Scale

Level up your SecOps – no matter where your maturity stands.

Drive Collaboration

Get more from the team you already have using the tools you already own.

Enhance Confidence

Measurably improve your ability to proactively mobilize against the next threat.

next gen threat library

Transform threat intelligence into threat-informed defense.

SnapAttack next gen threat library puts intelligence, attack threats, and detections in one place so that teams spend more of their time understanding, collaborating, and actually hunting down the bad guys… and less time configuring tools, competing against each other, and wondering where or what to focus on next.

Level up junior analysts
Browse 1000s of attack threats and ready-to-use, validated detections
Verify your coverage against emerging threats
platform research
platform write
mitre att&ck coverage map

Visualize your coverage. Mobilize where it matters.

Threat detection can sometimes feel like you’re trying to boil the ocean. SnapAttack’s MITRE ATT&CK coverage mapping equips analysts in a way that accelerates the pivot from understanding where you’re vulnerable to deploying quality detections across your entire technology estate.

Measure your organization’s coverage for specific threats
Proactively identify attacks earlier in the kill chain
Gain quantifiable evidence of your program’s effectiveness
validated detections

Reduce false positives. Eliminate false negatives.

SnapAttack makes mobilizing and deploying robust defenses systematic and scientific. Every step of the way, from red to blue, you can validate what you’re doing, and tune your approach to minimize false positives while preventing false negatives.

Manage your detection backlog
Streamline threat hunts
Deploy detections built for your environment
platform validate
platform deploy
no code interface + universal detection translator

Make your tools work for you – not against you.

No code? No problem. SnapAttack was built to remove traditional barriers to threat hunting. The intuitive interface, detection library, and no-code detection builder remove barriers to creating high-confidence behavioral detections for your existing security tools.

Get more from your existing security tools
Seamlessly translate detections to whichever query language that you need
Build custom detections with no coding knowledge needed
continuous purple teaming

Enable purple teaming - even if you don’t have a red team or a blue team.

By rolling intel, adversary emulation, detection engineering, and threat hunting into an easy-to-use platform, you can streamline security operations and create or mature your purple teaming function.

Enable red team to translate their process and immediately mobilize the blue team
Validate detections against true positive attacks
Share intel, attacks, and detections across your teams, your organization, and beyond
continuous purple teaming

SnapAttack was built BY security leaders, threat hunters, and red teamers FOR security leaders, threat hunters, and red teamers.


Let the hunters hunt.