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Hunt faster. Detect more threats.

Remove barriers to efficient, validated, and integrated threat detection with the world’s first centralized threat management platform. Bring order to the chaos of your security operations with SnapAttack.

threat hunting

Before SnapAttack: 1-2 weeks
After SnapAttack: 87% faster

detection development

Before SnapAttack: 12 hours
After SnapAttack: 1 hour

purple teaming

Before SnapAttack: Once a year
After SnapAttack: Continuous operations

why snapattack

SnapAttack is the first platform that brings order to the chaos of the entire security operations lifecycle.

detection development lifecycle
Enable Efficiency that Scales

Level up your SecOps - no matter where your maturity stands.

Drive Integration + Collaboration

Get more from the team you already have using the tools you already own.

Enhance Coverage + Confidence

Remove the guesswork around the threats that matter.

snapattack man walking
SnapAttack has been a key tool for establishing and maturing threat hunting processes.
“SnapAttack has been a key tool for establishing and maturing Threat Hunt and Purple Teaming processes in our organization. The platform provides unparalleled ease of use in a single web interface, enabling operators to work quickly, without the headaches that come with custom/in-house solutions."

Andrew Danis
Deputy Federal Lead, Cyber Security Operations & Threat Mitigation & Incident
Response (TMIR)

National Institutes of Health
who we serve

With SnapAttack, you can finally answer the question, “Are we protected?” with clarity + confidence.

Solutions by Company Type

for enterprises

Proactively reduce risk across your attack surface – even within large, decentralized environments.

for public sector

Remove barriers to sharing information and defending critical infrastructure against sophisticated adversaries.

for mssps

Standardize detections, improve detection outcomes through data science, and empower your teams to stop even the newest threats.

Solutions by Roles

for security leaders

Enhance your maturity, optimize the performance of teams and tools, and bring the fight to the adversary with an end-to-end view of your SOC and your coverage.

for security teams

Remove barriers to the cumbersome processes of threat hunting, detection engineering, and security analysis.


With SnapAttack, you can get more from your teams, more from your tools, and finally stay ahead of the threat.

With SnapAttack, your red team doesn’t need to lose in order for your blue team to win. Your analysts don’t need to increase alert fatigue just so you can increase your coverage. Advanced threats require advanced coverage. With SnapAttack, cybersecurity doesn’t have to be a zero sum game.

More coverage with fewer tools
Easy to use, easy to scale
False positive reduction, true positive validation, and no more fire drills
From development to deployment in minutes, all in one place
Measure security, manage priorities
Enable and enhance purple teaming, even if you don’t have a red or blue team
why snapattack?

Built to enable the good guys to do good work with dozens of direct integrations.


With over 30+ direct integrations with the most common SIEM, EDR, or XDR tools, SnapAttack makes one-click deployment simple. And, we’re adding more every day. If you don’t see your tools here, let’s chat. More on integrations >



Our eBook, “Streamlining the Threat Detection Development Lifecycle with SnapAttack,” details each step in the detection development lifecycle and how SnapAttack can help companies streamline the entire workflow from start to finish. Read it here.

Remove barriers. Mature your teams.
Stay ahead of the threat.