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SnapAttack is a collaborative platform that empowers your security team to stay ahead of threats, create robust behavioral analytics for your existing tools, and prove your program's effectiveness.

Threat Hunting

Let hunters spend more time on the hunt and less time researching and developing analytics.

  • Uncover Indicators of Attack (IOA) and ransomware before they can damage your organization
  • Gain access to our ever-growing library of over 1,200 crowdsourced behavioral analytics, all mapped to the industry-standard MITRE ATT&CK® framework
  • Empower your team to tie threat intelligence directly to behavioral analytics and create custom hunt plans
  • Write analytics once, and use them anywhere your data lives — both on prem and in the cloud, integrating with your existing security tools and data models
Threat Hunting

Detection as Code

Manage the full analytic lifecycle from ideation to deployment.

  • Use our advanced analytic builder to empower your detection engineers to create, test, and deploy quality behavioral analytics
  • Make it faster and easier to create high-quality detection logic that's more robust to attack variants and has lower false positives
  • Execute simulated, true positive attacks in your environment to validate security controls and test analytics end-to-end
  • Gain confidence in your organization's ability to prepare for, prevent, and detect emerging threats
Detection as Code

Purple Teaming

Empower your independent red and blue teams to work collaboratively.

  • Maximize the skills of your red and blue teams to proactively stop threats, using your threat data or our ever-growing attack database
  • Enable red teams to capture and organize the latest adversary tradecraft in an actionable format
  • Accelerate the blue team's ability to create, test, validate, and prioritize analytics
  • Use our customizable dashboards, reports, and heatmaps to track your organization's risk and security posture over time
Purple Teaming


Countless threats.One platform.

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