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snapattack for mssps

Streamline SecOps. Make your clients more secure.

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Simplify coverage across client environments – regardless of tooling.

MSSPs, consultancies, and incident response (IR) companies turn to SnapAttack when…

They need to scale operations across multiple clients quickly and efficiently.

They need the ability to respond swiftly when customers ask about the latest threat of the week.

They want to improve resource effectiveness and margins.

They need their junior team members to be as effective as their ninjas.

They need standardized dashboards that are operationally useful for client reporting.


Vendor lock and legacy tooling, various query languages, and rapidly emerging and evolving threats are already enough to tackle for one organization, but MSSPs must face them at scale across disconnected, complex client environments. Explore why MSSPs turn to SnapAttack when they need a centralized, streamlined platform. 

partner - avertium
“SnapAttack enables us to distribute our latest threat intelligence content packs to all Avertium Fusion MXDR customers across any SIEM, EDR, or XDR technology. Our adversary tactics evolve with new threats, and this new detection-as-code technology allows us to maximize our customers’ technology investments and scale our defense operations at extraordinary speed.”
Ariel Ropek
Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence | Avertium

4-5x jump in detection development.

reason 1

Scale SecOps across clients quickly and efficiently.

Because managing dozens of technologies across dozens of clients does not just impact your time – it also impacts your margins.

Improve awareness of existing threat coverage by viewing matching logs for a detection to correlate attack threats
Integrated view across data sources offers context and the ability to communicate across cyber defense teams and deploy detections across different tools
1000s of ready-to-use, validated detections

New threats and detections added within 24 hours.

reason 2

Accelerate and mobilize quickly when your clients ask about the latest threat of the week.

Because you need to have confidence that you’re ready to protect them today AND tomorrow.

When new threats are created, automatically know whether they'll be detected and if there are multiple points of coverage
Get threat intelligence deployed to the field as quickly as possible.
Get upstream with the alert by using SnapAttack’s powerful features to create better detections faster - regardless of tooling

On average, MSSPs recoup the cost of SnapAttack within 6-9 months.

reason 3

Improve resource effectiveness and margins.

Because threat hunting is a clunky process, and managing dozens of technologies across dozens of clients does not just impact your time – it also impacts your margins.

Integrated workflow gets teams collaborating by scaling each functional area’s efficiency - from CTI, to detection engineering, to SecOps
Eliminate alert fatigue and focus your SOC and IR teams on critical needs - Triage and respond to detection hits in the production environment
Universal Detection Translator makes all detections portable across any security tool
Over 30+ direct integrations

“It’s like a Swiss Army knife.”

Threat Hunter | Booz Allen Hamilton
reason 4

Streamline and standardize client reporting with dashboards.

Because your reports should be operationally useful and drive clarity – not confusion.

Portable across security tools + data models
Quantify + visualize your MITRE ATT&CK® coverage for a specific actor or threat to deployed detections + gain immediate perspective on your actual detection coverage mapped against ATT&CK
Watch your client’s security posture score improve as you fill gaps in the MITRE ATT&CK® coverage matrix with high-confidence detections
Fine-tune detections to make them more robust to attack variance, and reduce false positives

“We have built a machine that turns your team into cyber ninjas.”

COO, SnapAttack
reason 5

Level up junior analysts while they’re on the job.

Because equipping your team with the right training doesn’t have to distract them from their core job function.

Organize red team/CTI knowledge in an easily digestible and usable way, enabling your security staff to stay ahead of threats and collaborate anytime
Give teams the ability to create, translate, deploy, validate detections across their stack without having to know syntax for a myriad of security tools
Revolutionary point-and-click detection builder enables even junior analysts to write and validate detections like the pros - no coding knowledge necessary
S2 Security
“Detection validation is the key differentiator: nobody else in the market is offering the ability to see a detection in action and validate that it does what it says it does like SnapAttack. Because of them, we were able to really prioritize quality over quantity of engineered detections, which gave us time back for other important tasks.”
Jake Groth
Chief Technology Officer | Stage 2 Security
why snapattack

Mature, repeatable process.
Fast time to value.

Accelerate Scale

Scale your team’s effectiveness across query languages and toolsets so you can protect your clients and your margins.

Drive Collaboration

Even the most junior analysts can augment their threat hunting abilities with SnapAttack’s tools, giving you cyber ninja level knowledge that enhances collaboration across teams and coverage across clients.

Enhance Confidence

With greater visibility across the entire incident spectrum and operationally-oriented reporting, SnapAttack brings context and confidence to your data.

partner - red canary
"SnapAttack increases the output you get from your hunters. What once took me 2 days now takes me about 5 minutes with SnapAttack ."
Red Canary
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No matter where your customers’ security data is, we’ve got you covered.


Integrate. Collaborate. Validate.