Threat-Informed Cyber Operations

threat-informed cyber operations

Remove barriers to efficient, effective, and integrated threat detection with the world’s first continuous purple teaming platform that brings offense directly into your SecOps.

SnapAttack Integrations

platform integrations

SnapAttack was built to power not just one tool, but to help you get the most out of any security tool.

Enabling Effective Threat Detection Through Data Science

Enabling Effective Threat Detection with Data

Enabling Effective Threat Detection Through Data Science SnapAttack is all about threat detection engineering and bringing red and blue teams together. We empower users to find, create, test, share, and deploy the best analytics. We make sharing offensive tactics simple, memorializing red team activity with logging and video capture. We are passionate about making purple […]

MSSP Security at Scale: Top Challenges at an MSSP from a CISO’s Perspective

MSSP Cybersecurity

MSSP Security Today: Where Do We Stand? Cybersecurity has rapidly risen to one of the highest priorities among enterprises worldwide, meaning that both the skills and costs of security teams are quickly expanding by their side. For many firms, an in-house SOC just isn’t realistic from a cost and resource perspective – which makes managed […]

Breaking Barriers with Detection-as-Code

Webinar Breaking Barriers with Detection-as-Code

Get your access to the webinar recording: Duration: 55 minutes    |    Partnering webinar with: Avertium About the Webinar Cybersecurity isn’t just cybersecurity anymore. It’s a myriad of processes, technologies, and tools that customers are beginning to expect all from one resource provider – but that takes resources, time, manpower, and funds that many companies just […]