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why snapattack?

SnapAttack is the first platform to attack hackers with a hacker mindset.

Accelerate Scale

Drive Collaboration

Enhance Confidence

accelerate scale

Scale SecOps efficiently and effectively.

SnapAttack transforms the once-clunky threat detection process into one fluid motion that streamlines the research, writing, validation, and deployment of an attack across your entire technology estate.

Our intuitive, no-code interface lowers the barrier to entry in creating high confidence behavioral detections for your existing security tools.

This means that, with SnapAttack, even junior analysts can achieve the same outcomes that once required a threat hunter, enabling you to level up your teams while scaling your security, regardless of where you’re at in your security maturity journey.

…And what’s more efficient than that?

why snapattack efficiency


decrease in time spent on threat intel curation


jump in detection development


month payback
why snapattack collaboration
drive collaboration

Get more from the team you already have using the tools you already own.

SnapAttack enables you to get more from your tools and more from your teams.

Its horizontally integrated workflows make threat intelligence actionable while maximizing the value teams get from existing SIEM, EDR, NDR, and cloud telemetry tooling.

This means your teams spend more of their time understanding, collaborating, and actually hunting down the bad guys…and less time configuring tools, competing against each other, and wondering where or what to focus on next.


native integrations with the most common SIEM and EDR tools


of out-of-the-box, validated detections


increase in resource effectiveness
enhance confidence

Measurably improve your ability to proactively mobilize against the next threat.

Your security tools might be able to block one attack…but what about the other 39 variants of that same attack?

SnapAttack was built with a threat-informed perspective – one that encompasses the end-to-end cyber ops process from CTI to threat detection. SnapAttack uses the MITRE ATT&CK® framework to measure your organization’s coverage, manage your detection backlog, and validate your program’s effectiveness.

why snapattack confidence


reduction in attack surface exposure

7 to 1

Reduce vulnerability exposure from 7 days to 1 day


highest confidence behavioral detections have >5% false positive rate


Without a fortified process in place to build detections, over time security teams will suffer from alert fatigue, low-fidelity detections, and an influx of undetected attacks. Explore how SnapAttack helps you cut the time and effort to build a detection down from days to minutes with no requirement for senior-level knowledge or coding experience.

snapattack man holding blazer
snapattack woman walking
Unparalleled ease of use, enabling operators to work quickly.
“SnapAttack has been a key tool for establishing and maturing Threat Hunt and Purple Teaming processes in our organization. The platform provides unparalleled ease of use in a single web interface, enabling operators to work quickly, without the headaches that come with custom/in-house solutions.”

Andrew Danis
Deputy Federal Lead, Cyber Security Operations & Threat Mitigation & Incident
Response (TMIR)

National Institutes of Health
It’s a swiss army knife.
“This is exactly how I want to build a purple team - real attacks, operationally useful stuff. It’s a swiss army knife.”

SnapAttack User
We’ve created the Aberdeen proving ground of threat detection.
“We’ve created the Aberdeen Proving Ground of threat detection, where we can rapidly prototype, prove and deploy defenses that actually work across the spectrum of adversaries, attack scenarios, kill chains, security tools, and environments.”

SnapAttack Employee
why trust us

Companies and governments trust SnapAttack because we’ve made it easy to address specific threats they care about in the tools they own but struggle to optimize.

They turn to us because we’re former CISOS, SOC Managers, and threat hunters. They turn to us because we save them time and money, and we increase their team’s capability and capacity.

Enables purple teaming, even if you don’t have a red team
Level up your team, scale SecOps
False positive reduction, true positive validation
Visualize, quantify, + improve MITRE ATT&CK® coverage
Easy to use, easy to deploy

Break the chain.