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snapattack for threat hunters

Cut through the noise. Get back to the hunt.

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threat hunters

Streamline threat hunts with centralized intelligence, integrated tooling, and an end-to-end workflow.

Threat hunters turn to SnapAttack when…

They lack the clarity they need to accurately prioritize relevant threats.

They have disparate tools and data sources, and struggle to hunt across all of them.

They’re sifting through the noise in an attempt to understand which threats are actually legitimate.

Their limited time is spent on triage and building infrastructure rather than actually hunting.

get back to the hunt

87% faster threat hunts

Without SnapAttack: 1-2 weeks
With SnapAttack: 5-10 minutes


Gain the clarity to identify threats proactively.

Gain a true, comprehensive understanding of both your own environment and the behavior of the adversary. Operationalize threat intelligence, create a hunt hypothesis, and deploy in minutes.

Browse a constantly updated library of threat intelligence or build your own to hunt both IOCs + TTPs.
Hunt for both IOCs and TTPs using threat intel from anywhere and get automatic feedback regarding what is and isn't relevant to your environment.
Build hunt plans internally in SnapAttack, then run them wherever you need.
Deputy Federal Lead, Cyber Security Operations & TMIR | NIH Information Security Program

"Unparalleled ease of use, enabling operators to work quickly."

andrew danis

Seamlessly pivot between tools.

Focus on honing your craft rather than configuring incompatible tools across your already complex environment. Make the tools you’ve invested your time, money, and effort in actually work together and actually work for you.

On Demand Attack Capture Lab allows hunters to spin up attack and victim machines, deploy, and capture research in minutes.
Plug-and-play thousands of validated detections that can be translated into any query language.
Operationalize your preferred threat intelligence feed directly into the SnapAttack platform.

New threats and detections added within 24 hours.

prioritize threats

Cut through the noise. Prioritize threats.

Remove the guesswork from your security operations and prioritize threats with an approach tailored to your environment.

Quantify + visualize your MITRE ATT&CK® coverage for a specific actor or threat to deployed detections.
Improve understanding of existing detection logic coverage by correlating threats with matching artifacts for a detection.
Browse the attack library of 1,000s of different attack techniques to observe exactly what you’re looking for.
Equip your teams with the tools they need to streamline threat hunts

“SnapAttack increases the output you get from your hunters. With SnapAttack, what once took me 2 days now takes SnapAttack about 5 minutes.”


Break the barriers slowing down your hunts.

Equip junior analysts and threat hunting teams with the tools, knowledge, time, and skill set they need to build a fortified, effective, and successful threat hunting team.

Reduce alert fatigue and focus your SOC and IR teams on critical needs.
Validate detections and evaluate confidence through SnapScore to drastically reduce false positives.
Portable sandbox allows hunters to test offensive research from any source to be deployed into any environment.

Snapattack helps hunters get back to the hunt.

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why snapattack

Mature, repeatable hunting that scales with your business and the changing threat landscape.

Accelerate Scale

SnapAttack empowers threat hunters to build, validate, and deploy hunt packages in a matter of minutes – to any environment and with any tooling.

Drive Collaboration

Make the behavior of an attack portable across security tools and understandable by both advanced threat hunters as well as junior analysts.

Enhance Confidence

See your coverage and gaps across the entire kill chain and across your entire technology estate. Measure your coverage, identify gaps, and continuously validate your detections.

partner - booz allen hamilton
"SnapAttack is like the swiss army knife of your SOC. It acts like a compass – it tells your teams where they need to focus. "
Robert Russell
Threat Hunter | Booz Allen Hamilton

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