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Demystifying the Tradecraft of Threat-Informed Defense

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About the Webinar

Traditionally, threat hunting + intelligence are reliant on what has already happened: where the adversary has been, what they deployed, and how they got in. We’re following in their tracks and usually, this results in a wild goose chase that can go on for days and weeks at a time.

As adversaries continue to get stronger, faster, and smarter, it is no longer enough to reactively chase down the latest threat of the week. 

That’s where threat-informed defense comes in. Understanding your defensive posture and vulnerabilities (everyone has them) and the exigent threats preying on them (everyone has those too) takes you from chasing the adversary two steps behind to blocking them out before they even get in. 

In “Demystifying the Tradecraft of a Threat Informed Defense”, join our panel of threat hunting and SecOps experts as they divulge what threat-informed defense means to them and how to turn analysis into action so that you can truly grasp where your security posture stands from the adversary’s perspective. Because once you know that, you can begin to fill in gaps and mobilize a more strategic defense posture. 

Some points the panelists touch on include:

  • Challenges to achieving threat-informed defense and how to overcome them
  • The necessary skills and maturity it takes to action threat intelligence
  • Emerging trends that must be integrated into a SOC
  • How to utilize and adapt traditional and emerging purple team exercises for your organization

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Meet Our Speakers:

paul caiazzo
snapattack color logo
Paul Caiazzo
Chief Growth Officer
robert hs
mandiant horizontal
Robert Wallace
Senior Director, Incident Response
arve hs
Arve Kjoelen
VP and Global CISO