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An elite team of cybersecurity professionals

Our Mission

We're driven to deliver the most comprehensive, usable threat prevention capabilities to our customers.

To help organizations anticipate and defend against attacks before they happen, using our real-world understanding of how hackers think.

Our Heritage

We're proud of where we came from, and excited about where we're going.

SnapAttack was developed by Booz Allen's Dark Labs — an elite team of security researchers, threat hunters, penetration testers, reverse engineers, network analysts, and data scientists. They're dedicated to stopping cyberattacks before they occur, using their years of experience in commercial and nation-state-level cyber operations.

In 2021, SnapAttack was established as a standalone company. This move empowered our team to rapidly evolve the platform, focus on proactive threat hunting, detection as code, and purple teaming — all in one integrated platform.

Our Beliefs

We think differently than others, and we use that to our advantage. Hackers never stop learning and trying new attacks – and we don't either. Because that's what it takes to stop hackers and protect your organization.

On Community: We believe cyber defenders are stronger together. Why should hunters have to generate analytics on their own, when someone on the blue team already has? Why do red teams and blue teams operate competitively, rather than cooperatively? Working together and sharing intel is the only way to outthink our adversaries.

On Data: Quality data is critical. Our ever-growing library has over 1,200 validated and tagged analytics across 1,000+ threats. Defenders can be confident our crowd-sourced data has both the coverage and robustness to find and prevent the most advanced threats — without being overwhelmed by false positives.

On Workflow: Far too many security tools are point solutions requiring context switching and stitched together processes. We believe the processes of prioritizing and understanding threats should be tightly coupled with the ability to directly hunt for known behaviors, deploy true positives, validate controls, and expedite incident response.

On Integration: We believe tools should be security stack agnostic and able to meet organizations where they are, rather than forcing them to create complex workarounds. SnapAttack's ever maturing ecosystem of supported technologies and data formats means we can bring our analytics to your organization seamlessly.

On Customers: We believe our customers and community members are also our partners. We value your feedback, and welcome suggestions for improvements and new capabilities. Our goal is to exceed your expectations of our product and our team.

Our Leadership

Our team has decades of real-world cybersecurity experience in critical sectors like national security, healthcare, and finance.

  • Peter Prizio

    Chief Executive Officer

    Peter brings over 15 years of experience in product leadership and management with a focus on cybersecurity collaboration platforms. Before SnapAttack, Peter served as the Head of Product for King & Union's Avalon (acquired) and the VP of Product at CyberGRX. He believes cybersecurity is a problem everyone faces and is passionate about making advanced security products accessible to the masses. Peter loves spending time outdoors, college basketball (go UCONN!), and playing with his kids.

  • Fred Frey

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

    Fred is a visionary leader with a drive to push the boundaries of what's possible. In his over 2 decades at Booz Allen he's done everything from hunting nation-state actors for the intelligence community, to building a threat hunting capability from the ground up as the technical director of Dark Labs. He's passionate about community and believes the only way to stop advanced threats is through sharing knowledge. Fred enjoys home improvement and automation projects, coaching his son's little league team, and relaxing with his family.

  • Clayton Barlow-Wilcox

    Chief Operating Officer

    Clayton has spent over 15 years leading cybersecurity and risk management teams at both large organizations and startups, advising executive leadership across government, healthcare, and financial sectors. He's focused on leading business development, client delivery, and day to day operations for the company. Clayton is dedicated to using data and technology to help drive tangible change in cybersecurity. Clayton enjoys playing "competitive" basketball, cooking with his family, and supporting sports teams from his hometown of Boston.

  • Tim Nary

    Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

    Tim has been leading red teams, penetration tests, and security engineering across both government and commercial sectors for over a decade. He created the very first prototype of SnapAttack while working in Booz Allen's Dark Labs, to help his red team collaborate more effectively with threat hunters. He's passionate about the details and refuses to compromise on quality or security. Tim is a proud Penn State Alum. He enjoys competing in CTFs, drinking craft beer, and spending time with his wife and 2 dogs.

  • Paul Caiazzo

    Chief Growth Officer

    Paul brings 25 years of cybersecurity experience to the team across a variety of disciplines spanning secops, threat detection, and incident response. He also brings an entrepreneurial pedigree to the team, having founded, led and successfully exited TruShield, an MSSP recognized for fast growth and expertise in SOC operations. Paul is passionate about beating the bad guys and has helped hundreds of organizations defend against threats from APTs to ransomware. When not reading intelligence briefings, Paul enjoys turning wrenches on his project cars, growing nuclear-level spicy peppers, cooking, and playing with his Westie, Leonard.

Our Team

We've got some of the best talent in the industry.

  • Matt Bowen

    Sr. Frontend Engineer

  • Sarah Deighan

    UI/UX and Frontend Engineer

  • Jacob Delgado

    Sr. Backend Engineer

  • Michael Drinkwater

    Sr. Backend Engineer

  • Tom Georgen

    Content Automation

  • Jesse Johnson

    Sr. Frontend Engineer

  • Justin Kaldenbach

    Sr. Full Stack Engineer

  • Maeve Mulholland

    Director of Artificial Intelligence

  • Russell Schaffer

    Director of IT

  • Trenton Tait

    Customer Success Engineer

  • Jonathan Woodell

    Backend Engineer

  • Beesly

    Chief Morale Officer

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