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Community Edition

It takes a village to stop hackers

Community Edition

We believe cybersecurity is only as strong as the weakest link. Only by working together can we collectively gather enough information to prevent attacks and stay on top of new ones. By bridging the actions of red teams and blue teams, we can create a collaborative purple team at community scale. SnapAttack is created to lower the barrier to entry such that anyone can contribute, collaborate, use, hunt, simulate, deploy, emulate, and validate behavioral analytics in their network using an intuitive graphical user interface, machine-based scoring, and integrations. Ultimately, our platform is centered around a library of vendor-neutral behavioral analytics and threat data married together in such a way that analytics are validated against true-positive attacks for confidence in functionality and visibility into threat coverage.

The community edition of our platform is now available! It will forever be free (as in beer), as well as any content generated by the community. It has been said that "a rising tide lifts all boats", and we hope to help improve the security of the community at large. We hope you'll come and join us.

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We intend to allow anyone to contribute content to our platform. In the short-term, we are limiting contributor access to vetted individuals who will use the platform and provide feedback before we release general availability to the entire community. We are prioritizing active community members first. If you are exploring these features for your company, please request more information or schedule a demo.