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Breaking Barriers with Detection-as-Code

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Duration: 55 minutes    |    Partnering webinar with: Avertium

About the Webinar

Cybersecurity isn’t just cybersecurity anymore. It’s a myriad of processes, technologies, and tools that customers are beginning to expect all from one resource provider – but that takes resources, time, manpower, and funds that many companies just don’t have.

When customers expect more, we’re happy to give them more. Detection-as-code is a powerful way advanced MSSPs can accelerate scale, enhance their processes, and confidently secure the expansive tech stacks in their client environments.

Listen in on Avertium and SnapAttack as we discuss Avertium powered by SnapAttack, our process & methodology behind detection-as-code, and what integrated partnerships like this have to offer you and your business.

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Meet Our Speakers:

paul caiazzo
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Paul Caiazzo
Chief Growth Officer
ariel ropek
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Ariel Ropek
Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence