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Avertium protects Fusion MXDR clients with Detection-as-Code Content Packs through utilization of SnapAttack

partnership announcement snapattack and avertium

Sept. 1, 2022 – Avertium, a cyber fusion company that offers solutions for mid-to-enterprise organizations to protect assets and manage risk, today, announced a partnership with SnapAttack to better protect its Fusion MXDR customers. Avertium will utilize SnapAttack’s detection-as-code platform to offer its clients an innovative solution that enables commercial and nation-state-level cyber operations the ability to prevent a cyberattack before it occurs.

With this partnership, Avertium detection-as-code capabilities will be delivered via content packs as part of its existing Fusion MXDR offering. Utilizing SnapAttack’s platform, Avertium’s detection engineers will be able to build, test, validate, and assemble high-fidelity detections into custom content packs for clients, ready to deploy in any query language across any technology estate.

“SnapAttack enables us to distribute our latest threat intelligence content packs to all Avertium Fusion MXDR customers across any SIEM, EDR, or XDR technology,” said Ariel Ropek, Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Avertium. “Our adversary tactics evolve with new threats, and this new detection-as-code technology allows us to maximize our customers’ technology investments and scale our defense operations at extraordinary speed.”

“SnapAttack exists to break down the barriers between teams, between tools, and between organizations that make the seemingly simple goal of protecting your organization difficult or impossible,” says Paul Caiazzo, Chief Growth Officer at SnapAttack. “Our partnership with Avertium helps us fulfill our mission across hundreds of companies around the world in many different industries, each with unique environments and security tools. Avertium has always been deeply committed to delivering customer success through innovation and expertise and I’m delighted that SnapAttack’s vendor-agnostic approach to threat intelligence, adversary emulation, and detection-as-code is able to contribute to that.”

Avertium’s Fusion MXDR is the first MDR (managed detection and response) offering that fuses together all aspects of security operations into a living, breathing, threat-informed XDR (extended detection and response) solution. SnapAttack’s platform, considered the future of threat detection, will allow Avertium’s Fusion MXDR clients to get more from the team and tools they have already invested in and be proactive in threat detection, making a once complicated process a simplified task.

For more information on Avertium’s utilization of SnapAttack’s platform, visit Avertium’s announcement here.


About Avertium:
Avertium is the security partner that companies turn to for end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that attack the chaos of the cybersecurity landscape with context. By fusing together human expertise and a business-first mindset with the right combination of technology and threat intelligence, Avertium delivers a more comprehensive, more programmatic approach to cybersecurity – one with cyber fusion services that drive action on the ground and influence in the boardroom. That’s why over 1,200 mid-market and enterprise-level organizations across 15 industries turn to Avertium when they want to be more efficient, more effective, and more resilient when waging today’s cyber war. Show no weakness.®

About SnapAttack:

SnapAttack is an emergent threat-informed security operations company with novel solutions that enable threat hunting and detection through collaboration around threat intelligence, attack emulation, and behavioral analytics. This approach yields security operations teams efficiency that scales and improves coverage and confidence in defensive posture through integration and collaboration between offensive teams and defenders. SnapAttack’s seasoned experts deliver forward-leaning threat hunting, detection-as-code, and continuous purple teaming in a single vendor-agnostic solution recently awarded patent US 11,316,875 B2 (April 26, 2022). SnapAttack was incubated in Booz Allen’s Dark Labs and is rooted in years of real experience in both nation-state and commercial cyber operations and tradecraft. In 2021, SnapAttack was established as an independent company focused on rapidly evolving its platform capabilities.


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