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Detect the threats that matter, faster.

Your easy button to threat-informed hunting, detection, and intelligence. Focused on your security gaps, driven by our expertise.

Prioritize the threats that matter.

Accelerate and add reliability to threat hunts and detection engineering.

Expand MITRE ATT&CK coverage and unify your defenses.

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reduce mean-time-to-detect by 93%

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reduce time to threat hunt by 98%

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improve detection coverage by 263%

what is snapattack

Threat management
hard enough.
Your tools shouldn’t make it harder.

Your job = Stop the bad guys.

Our job = Tell you which bad guys matter, how they operate, and how to burn them (quickly and easily).

SnapAttack answers your questions

Intelligence, hunt, and detection point solutions leave you with questions. We answer them.

our customers

The good guys leverage SnapAttack to stop the bad guys.

True story of a painless SIEM migration (yes, it’s possible).

Case Study:
Leading Global Data Center Provider Accelerates SIEM Migration and Improves Threat Coverage

use cases

Threat-informed defense.
One seamless, proactive platform.


Proactively reduce risk across your attack surface – even within large, decentralized environments.

detection engineering

Deploy rapid detection coverage for the threats that matter most.

threat intelligence

Operationalize expert threat research that’s actually relevant to your organization.

siem migration and optimization

Prioritize, expand, and report on MITRE ATT&CK coverage, without the alert fatigue.

get more from your teams

Turn everyone on your team into a cyber ninja.

We built the world’s most advanced detection engineering lab so you don’t need the world’s most advanced detection engineering team.

threat hunter use case
get more from your tools

Make the tools you have work even better.

With over 30+ direct integrations with the most common SIEM, EDR, or XDR tools, SnapAttack makes one-click deployment simple. And, we’re adding more every day. If you don’t see your tools here, let’s chat. Explore integrations >


The context to find gaps. The insight to fill them.
The workflow to accelerate, expand, and validate your protection.

7,000 detections? That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Validated, high-fidelity detection content curated for you – plus everything you need to research, create, tune, and test them in your environment.

Be confident that what you deploy will actually work.

With built-in controls validation, you can reduce false positives (without opening the door to false negatives).

Noise cancellation for your SOC.

False positive reduction, true positive validation, false negative elimination, and the end of alert fatigue.

Accelerated, centralized threat management.

From intelligence to action, breeze through the threat detection lifecycle in minutes (not days or weeks).

Prioritize what matters with MITRE ATT&CK.

Prioritize gaps with continuous visibility of MITRE ATT&CK (without the spreadsheets and JSONs).

Take fast action on new and emerging threats.

Mobilize faster with detections built by expert purple-teamers laser-focused on the latest threats.

Take days off your detection development process.

Streamlining Detection Development with SnapAttack

Proactively hunt coverage gaps. Make threat management easy. Get in touch now.